Where Have You Mounted Yours?


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Looks dead on tho, tell me the switch is for the ejecto seat cuzz :D
You know it. Nah I did make a custom screen for a computer that I put in there. Just using a Raspberry Pi so I could play Video Games etc.

But technology has moved on so much now.

I just have a cheap Pioneer head unit now

And it just comes with a phone holder. So you can use your phone as the clever expensive bit.

I think it works brilliant.


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Fiz, your cockpit looks like Dexta's Lab inside lol. Love it man...espesh the night shots :cool: . Are they Mo Man dials?
Thank You.
Luv me gadjets can't remember wer I got these 2nd set of indiglow from pitcures from around 2009.
Check the photos below lol 2003...
Custom sound instal,Alpine head unit,
competition hifonics amps-subs,
component speakers,
denon 6x9s,screen visors,ps2.
use play PlayStation 2 used as a demo car at street sounds sound install (Bass) how low can you go :p


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