White smoke


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My glanza v have being giving of smoke when it idling no when am driving down hills(only)there is a cloud of smoke behind me i changed the pcv valve and something and also the car its not losing coolant or over heating any advice to wat may cause this
could you clarify something above?,,is it giving off white smoke when driving downhill or not?
depending on your response, it could be worn turbo seals or/and valve stem seals in the head

does it white smoke on initial start up in the morning or after sitting for a long time?---not to be confused with condensation

PS - this tread may be better suited for the "Modification & Technical Questions" section under the "Engine" category of the forum,,you may get more interest there
ok...report back on if you see any smoke when you first start the car on mornings or after a very long time parked (with the engine off and cold).