White2BeigeMet: Part's Needed List [ thread will update if parts are needed. ]

Total List of Part's i am now After.
All For my personal Car, and its Restoration, to as stock, ish, as possible.
all parts are going on my car. and not being resold. or listed elsewhere.

feel free to offer a set price, or request valuation. but expect negotiation, and similar discussion.

Please note. exchange rates, VAT, general shipping costs, GST tax, etc.
these values will severely effect how badly i can achieve buying your parts.

my local Monetary currency:
-> Australian $

Preferred and ONLY pay method.
PayPal. to avoid fuck over's etc.

in order of need.
all parts graded 1 to 10.

1 is ruined.
4 is good
7 is fantastic
9 is perfect used cond.
10 is factory new toyota / New old stock equivalent.

The Parts List

Grade 8+: Perfect Condition. No UV damage to sticker, lens perfect. Bulbs optional.
Ep82 GT badge +Garnish

depending on cond.

The badge Jay sold on ebay that one time counts as a grade 8+.

i will most definitely accept, Singular Glow Badge Lens's if good cond.

Grade: 5+ Very Usable / Street legal Conditon. EP82 MK1 GT. Optional Original Wheels.
( the image below is grade 4 to 5 )
StarletEp82 wheels.png

GRADE 7+ Original MK1 Seats. With rails. GT EP82 1990 - 1992

as close to perfect as possible.

bolster wear, Heavy rust, broken trim, holes, burns, etc, not wanted.

however, show what you have. exceptions will be made if it is, genuinely a solid deal.

Grade 6+ Zenki Ep82 Tiger Stripe Door cards.
( auction set i cannot bid on pictured.
some auction sellers set rating protection to extreme. banning most buyers. )

these suffer water ingress. most have that damage after 30+ years.

small damage is fine.

Grade 4 ~1/2 pictured.

Grade 7+ Ep82 Zenki GT steering wheel.
( Grade 7 pictured. this one had a broken inner horn clip. common issue. not great, not terrible. doesnt bother me so long as it stays put when pushed for horn use. )

Original, GENUINE Genuine Part # Ep82 69210-10050 RH side Door handle.

toyota . ep82 1990 RH side.

Grade 4+ Ideally as perfect, as possible.

2024-05-21 05_20_04-39b077b75b615b644e6f9c6f9cb21109 (JPEG Image, 700 × 700 pixels) — Mozilla ...png