Wicklow gap run


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Right same as the last few times this has bein organised but without the shitty roads this time lol :D i know this is only short notice but hopefully we will get a few cars for a meet in newtownmountkennedy then a spirited run up the wicklow gap and a few scenic stops along the way for a few pictures.

Date will be sunday 30th october

slap you name down if your interested in attending
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Im up for that John.... I'l try get Stuart to bring his new ST Focus :D

Oh and its NewtownMountKennedy :p!!

1. Madman
2. ClarkyTrd


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I dont think so John, that will be finished by xmas I HOPE :D. Still need bumpers, skirts and a spoiler lol.

Hope there is a good turnout for this!


Ill check dates in work if im off ill be there, the last time I went had a mahhosive amount of fun, especially the run back down the gap.;)


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Goodman Derek, be good to see the new motor!

And NewtownMountKennedy is in County Wicklow, its ten mins north of Wicklow Town.

Any problems, PM Madman or myself and I can give you my phone number.



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Well guys no one else?? My nct is that sun morn so don't know if I can make it a lot of mula spent for the nct a lot! So ill see can I make it for a chat and catch up.