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Hi im new, but im a starlet owner ep82, would like to know if i can fit a 430cc injector on the stock ecu..already have uprated fuel pump 255
Hello I'm new to the whole forums thing but I truly need help, I recently rebuilt a 4efte after I had blown up one prior. The motor started up fine but for sum response it idles at 3000 rpm.
I've checked all the vaccum line for leaks and I've gone I've adjusted the throttle body in hopes of solving the issue but to no avail. Can someone help me please?
91 EP82 GT, Garrett GT28 Turbo, Custom Manifold, Tial Wastegate, Tial BoV, Front Mount Intercooler. BC Gold Coilover Adjustables, 16x8s
I realy need your help..i want to kno what i would have to change if i am goin to change a 4efte to a 4efe engine..i blew my 4efte engine and now i cant get another
I would like to kno what i would need if i should change out my 4efte engine to a 4efe engine..i blew my 4efte
Hey Jay, could you forward on the updated wiring PDF Mearcat made recently when you get the chance?Cheers buddy
If you make whatever improvements you need I'm happy to assist dude. My email is so just fire it to me when you get a chance. Cheers!
Did you end up getting the doc I sent you via email last week?
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Hi Alan, I did indeed, just trying to work out how to upload it or host it. Will update asap man.