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Jul 3, 2014
Dec 12, 2008
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Paid Member, from leeds - West Yorkshire

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Jul 3, 2014
    1. HASSAN1980
      hello there seen you know your stuff on your gt's !! was just wondering you have any parts for sale atall ??im looking for big power what you suggest thank you.
    2. adam miles
      adam miles
      mate i need the tracking number for intercooler
    3. swift gti turbo starlet
      swift gti turbo starlet
      alryt bro, was hopeing to see ur new gt on here lol..
      im a fan of white gt's...
    4. 4efteseo
      hey mate just wondering how the jam ecu went on the td04l. i'm thinking of doing the same but would love some info from someone who has done it. any sugestions or should i go emanage...? thanks in advance... aaron
    5. *JO*
      no i didnt know...wots the secret 2 gettin em n :P

    6. *JO*
      your boring :( it looks like ive deleted 1 of ur comments but i aint lol i posted there myself i didnt click on ur name lol xx
    7. *JO*
      com on spill da gossip lol. xxx
    8. *JO*
      hahaha its far from sexy u nutter :P u gettin another starbo n???xx
    9. *JO*
      cant believe ur strippin the car :(

    10. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      got an 11.2 1/4 mile other day !
    11. *JO*
      sorry i disappeared off msn da other nite lol

    12. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      And also how do i find traders on here i don't understand.
    13. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      dam yous get em cheap over there . you wouldnt believe the price standard ones go for here.
    14. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      do you know if he posts to new zealand
    15. Rumel786
      the vehicle cost £3,400 which was a fresh import that cam track prepped (used as a track car in japan)
    16. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      yea i have just been looking at your garage . how much did you buy the vehicle for.
    17. Rumel786
      its got a toms front bumper...optional side skirts matey...with the dials a trader called tm-developments on here sell the dials for around £70...most my things came with teh car...if you click on my would say go to my my garage to see all the work i have done on the car so far.
    18. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      how much have you spent on your exterior and what have you done to it mate little things like your speedo lights and stuff makes it quite cool with which looks like little effort. does it have an atom kit on it?
    19. Rumel786
      yep thats the way to edit your on page lol just browse around and fiddle about and im sure ul learn bud :P and keep the exterior standard...your gt is a real sleeper ;)
    20. 300kw 4agze gt starlet
      300kw 4agze gt starlet
      Haven't really done a whole lot to exterior and interior mostly engine as it shows .Not really haha still confused on how to get back to my own page and edit my stuff only way i can seem to view my own page is if i go to quick links-online users-click on me.
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    leeds - West Yorkshire
    Check Garage for Full Mods.
    Ex silver Quad Light 1995 GT TD04 Hybrid 222hp, Now white 1995 Quadlight GT.


    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] td04 hybrid with a minor 1 bar of boost + a jam ecu = 221.6 bhp :)

    breaking my for any parts.