4EFTE Best Rebuild Spec Running TD04

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Ryan H, May 7, 2019.

  1. Ryan H

    Ryan H Fresh Recruit

    Hi All,
    Starting the process in getting my 4efte rebuilt. Gonna be going down the road of forged pistons and rods anyway but wondering whats needed for it to run best on tdo4 such as intakes, exhausts, injectors,ecu etc and also a comfortable boost pressure for it!
  2. suzieboy

    suzieboy Fresh Recruit

    How much power you going for?
  3. Skalabala

    Skalabala Registered User +

    Good stand alone ECU. Remove the stock distributor(you can keep it for TDC reference) and fit 60-2 on the crank and coil on plug.
    Good exhaust manifold. 4AGZE injectors and upgrade fuel pump.
    ARP head bolts, and MLS gasket if you are after 300Whp
    New OEM oil pump and raise the oil pressure.
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  4. SWJ

    SWJ Member

    Well food for thought if your gonna config a standalone anyway?? And I have no idea of the fitment?? But the US 96 and later 5efe's have/had a Distributor-less, setup with COP. And a a trigger wheel on the crank as well as a knock sensor???

    When I did the swap from a 3ee to a 5efe, I did not use they stem and went back to a distributor??? Not sure what I was thinking with that move not sure what I was thinking with that move but all the parts are still there??

    I think the trigger crank bolts to the back of the harmonic balancer?? If that is the case?? Then the belt alignment would not change??

    It is a quite elegant looking crank trigger set up as back in the day most of the DIY crank trigger setups looked like crap over here. :)

    Unfortunately, Tercelonline appears to be gone?? But if you know what to look for info is still there and I found this. :

    That should help??
  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Off topic I know, but that's really sad news about Tercelonline. That site had a lot of info and guides that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Hope they can get back up and running!

    On topic the first question to answer is Suzieboy's - Give the target power and we can work from there.
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  6. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    How do you raise the oil pressure ?? I've seen it mentioned a good few times across various forums :)
  7. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    basically shim the oil pressure relief valve---put a washer(s)/spacer(s) into it to bump up the pressure
    i've never done it nor i don't ever plan to, it has always seemed a bit trial and error and risky in my opinion
    but i've heard it mentioned over the years with respect to building a turbo 5efte and for racing purposes, where some believe there is a need for increased oil pressure.
    i've ran two 5eftes without any oil pressure increase/bump for the last 12 years without any issues
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  8. Skalabala

    Skalabala Registered User +

    The oil pressure problems do not really apply to the 5E, it uses a larger big end bearing.
    Going with 1bar extra pressure will only serve you well :)
  9. Ryan H

    Ryan H Fresh Recruit

    Thanks man i have managed to get my hands on a apexi power fc and commander! Am planning on going with 250whp but am waiting on forged parts from TD.
    Will look into distributor haven't heard of that being done!

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