4EFTE Torque Specs

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    4EFTE torque settings.jpg [​IMG]

    courtesy of CustomEP. rep him if you find it useful :)
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    some more....

    4E-FTE Engine Service Specifications.

    Cylinder Head:
    Warpage limit (block side) 0.05mm
    Warpage limit (Manifold side) 0.05mm

    Intake manifold:
    Warpage limit 0.1mm

    Exhaust manifold:
    Warpage limit 0.2mm

    Cylinder block:
    Surface warpage limit 0.05mm

    Bore diameters:
    STD mark 1 = 74.000-74.010mm
    STD mark 2 = 74.010mm-74.020mm
    STD mark 3 = 74.020mm-74.030mm
    Limit before rebore = 74.23mm

    Piston diameter:
    STD mark 1 = 73.900-73.910mm
    STD mark 2 = 73.910mm-73.020mm
    STD mark 3 = 73.920mm-73.930mm

    Piston to oil clearance:
    STD = 0.09-0.11mm
    Limit = 0.13mm

    Piston ring groove clearance:
    Top ring = 0.04-0.08mm
    2nd ring = 0.03-0.07mm

    Piston ring end gap:
    Top ring (STD) = 0.26-0.36mm
    Top ring (Limit) = 0.95mm
    2nd ring (STD) = 0.15-0.30mm
    2nd ring (Limit) = 0.90mm
    Oil control ring (STD) = 0.13-0.38mm
    Oil control ring (Limit) = 0.98mm

    Thrust clearance (STD) = 0.15-0.35mm
    Thrust clearance (Limit) = 0.45mm

    Big-end inner diameter:
    STD mark 1 = 43.000-43.007mm
    STD mark 2 = 43.007-43.014mm
    STD mark 3 = 43.014-43.021mm
    U/S 0.25 = 43.000-43.021mm

    Rod bearing centre wall thickness:
    STD mark 1 = 1.487-1.491mm
    STD mark 2 = 1.491-1.495mm
    STD mark 3 = 1.495-1.499mm
    U/S 0.25 = 1.607-1.613mm

    Con-rod oil clearance:
    STD = 0.016-0.048mm
    Limit = 0.08mm
    Maximum allowable bend in rod per 100mm = 0.03mm
    Maximum allowable twist in rod per 100mm = 0.05mm

    Crankshaft thrust clearance:
    STD = 0.02-0.20mm
    Limit = 0.30mm

    Main journal oil clearance:
    STD = 0.016-0.049mm
    U/S 0.25 = 0.017-0.061mm
    Limit = 0.08mm

    Main journal diameter:
    STD mark 0 = 46.995-47.000mm
    STD mark 1 = 46.990-46.995mm
    STD mark 2 = 46.985-46.990mm

    Main bearing centre wall thickness:
    STD mark 1 = 1.995-1.999mm
    STD mark 2 = 1.999-2.003mm
    STD mark 3 = 2.003-2.007mm
    STD mark 4 = 2.007-2.011mm
    STD mark 5 = 2.011-2.015mm
    U/S 0.25 = 2.115-2.123mm

    Crank pin diameter:
    STD = 39.985-40.000mm
    U/S 0.25 = 39.745-39.755mm
    Limit = 0.06mm
    Circle runout (Limit) = 0.06mm
    Main journal taper and out-of-round (Limit) = 0.02mm
    Crank pin taper and out-of-round (Limit) = 0.02mm

    Torque settings:
    Cylinder head bolt:
    First 36ftlb
    Second - turn 90 degrees in same sequence

    Cylinder head to camshaft bearing cap:

    Cylinder head to intake manifold:

    Cylinder head to exhaust manifold:

    Cylinder head to water outlet housing:

    Cylinder head to Cylinder head cover:
    61inlb ** note inch pounds, not foot pounds! **

    Camshaft to Camshaft timing pulley:

    Cylinder block to crankshaft bearing cap:

    Cylinder block to rear main oil seal retainer:
    65inlb ** again note inch pounds **

    Cylinder block to oil filter union:

    Crankshaft to flywheel:

    Con-rod cap to con-rod:

    Oil pump pulley to drive rotor:
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    Rep added accordingly!

    Nice one guys!
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    tnx guys :)
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    what does it mean by stage 2 90 sequance, also stage 1 stage 23 and stage 3 90 dont u just tighten the head bolts
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    yes but in stages so its tightened gradually ;)
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    so u thghten the bolts and drive certain miles then take the head cover off and thghten again the bolts like that or just thighten them. also u have to take off the cams and timing belt to thghten the bolts as that what u do or any other way
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    no just do one stage, wait a short while, then do the next.
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    do ARP rod bolts just get torqued to those valuues or are they different?
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    shimm settings

    hi i nieed to know the camshaft shimm settings if any body can help me please ?? cheers , dave
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    head bolts dont need replacing?? :s i presume they are not stretch bolts then??
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    nice 1 guys...didnt understand the stages myself an youve made it all clear now, thanx for this very helpful post...rep added to all!
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    Took a pic of this the other day for a lad questioning torque specs, its from a Toyota 4E workshop manual so its genuine. If the section admins think its worthwhile sticky it in the torque spec posts please.


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