Another rolling road day made 359bhp

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by mark1991, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    cheers lads

    The engine is in very good condition, i am looking after her :)
  2. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    ^^^ wouldnt have expected any less away out and enjoy it bud :)
  3. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    Thought I would add that I was not keen on wallace performance due to my mapping of my td04 set up
    But I now realize it was due to a leaking dump valve and ignition parts past there best. They have more than changed my mined

    @ Rwdrev- I do trust Wallace to do the job right, nothing wrong with matty mapping
  4. Murray

    Murray Registered User +

    Id hope he has, as he will need approx 100psi(6.89 bar) for the injectors to cope......;)
  5. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    ... ats alot :O
  6. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    It that the base FP?..

    It will deffo be running a very high injector duty, but i think your calculation is off abit...

    So the 460cc injectors at 100% duty at 3 bar FP will be good for approx. 368hp

    460 / 5 x 4 injectors.

    3 bar base FP + boost of 1.7 bar = total FP of 4.7 bar.

    At 80% duty they will flow approx. 295hp So i think a base FP of around 4 bar will do it plus the boost 1.7 bar so full boost FP = 5.7bar.

    An injector upgrade would be good so not to run the components on their limits and high FP is bad for the fuel pump. :)
  7. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    i will be on the hunt for 550cc injectors...anyone??
  8. 02emichan

    02emichan Registered User +

    i have a spare set pm me if your interested
  9. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    awesome number mate! 550's off an evo would work nice. cheap and should be easy to find :)
  10. crx flex

    crx flex Fresh Recruit

    That's crazy power in a starlet!!
  11. hookie663

    hookie663 Registered User +

    Nice power mate
  12. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    A small update for you lads,

    The engine has been out and treated to a ARP head bolts and a athena 1.4mm head gasket.
    Also thought i would fit a zisco inlet manifold and i also made up a 2.5'' downpipe as the zisco item was only 2" id.
    I have also change my stock TD05H 16G for a hybrid TD05 18G with a billet compressor wheel.
    The centre box was removed from my japspeed system also
    And re heat wrapped my zisco manifold and downpipe and will befitting a turbo blacket.

    Just to buy some very big injectors and push 1.8bar... With all fingers crossed i am hoping for 400-420bhp

    I shall be uploading pics with i am all done

  13. Fizturbo

    Fizturbo Paid Member

    Av recently upgrade to a full japspeed system but this time i left the centre box on and may be upgrade the td04 for a td04 hybrid an then back in for re map arou 1.4 bar again,will the jap speed centre box affect the power? i dont want it too loud in cabin lol.

    By the way Good luck! lookin forward to the update :drive:
  14. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    No, would not think so mate. After cutting mine out it does not seam any louded
    On idle.

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