Blitz Cast CT9 Decat

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    For sale: Blitz Cast CT9 Decat

    Item Condition: used condition. Arguably one of the best decats on the market for a ct9 setup. Currently heatwrapped but can be removed for any potential buyer.

    Price and price conditions:
    £120 collected, around £140 posted.

    Extra Info:
    Straight bolt on item to a standard setup. Has mounting points to run the standard heatsheilds found on the standard cat.

    B60B9814-2FD6-49E5-953E-778DB002E6E5.jpeg C9699932-C9EF-4FB1-AD91-35EC4AFCB7F8.jpeg

    Contact Details:
    Pm me.

    Location: Huntingdon

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: will post at buyers expense.
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