Car runs on after being switched off????

Discussion in 'ENGINE MANAGEMENT' started by gwtaylor, Feb 16, 2019.

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    Right I know that you can install boost controllers were they let the car run after removing the key had one in my Evo but there is nothing actually visible ie control box of any sort. can you actually get ones which are not big(ish) and bulky and where should I be possible looking for the little box?
  2. Jay

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    You mean a turbotimer?

    Yeah you can get ones that just look like a switch on the dashboard or there could be one cabletied out of sight. Look at the ignition switch wiring to see if there's one installed.
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  3. gwtaylor

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    Yea turbo timer my apologies
  4. SKINY

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    Yes the ignition wiring will give it away bud, most are adjustable in run time some run on engine run time, temp etc. Mine is built into the alarm system and does both :cool:
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    Yeah I got a similar setup, I basically sit there for a few seconds before switching the engine off.

    TO BE FAIR, it's not good enough to just let it idle.
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