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Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by gorganl2000, Mar 19, 2020.

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  2. SKINY

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    MOT test centres just closed, now comes the free for all, we are into the apocalypse now :D
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  3. Jay

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    You shouldn't be driving anywhere anyway :D
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    Screenshot_20200324-052421_Instagram.jpg IMG-20200324-WA0011.jpg
    Out round the town doing my daily exercise on the Bike :cool: strange as anything out in these times, maybe seen 4 other people and 2 Cops wandering around the Town, handful off cars too.
    Are folk finally getting the message :eek:
    Also got a 1st proper shop done for a while, Local Asda's was empty and shelves well stocked :cool:
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  5. Jay

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    I've been self isolating for years. Only thing I'll miss is the driving, glad I got a quick spirited drive in on Monday night before the announcement!

    Never seen the beach as busy with dog walkers :cool:
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  6. Calum122

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    I managed to get this bike out


    First time I got to ride it since I finished building it in 2018. Goal accomplished!
  7. gorganl2000

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    guess you all will be watching plenty TV and being on the internet and undertaking garage projects... do something constructive to pass the time till things improve.
    following a few cases on my small island things have slowed down a bit, schools closed, some restrictions on public gatherings, some businesses closed while others on reduced staff/hours/rotations....i will see how things progress in the coming days.

    everyone try to keep safe
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    There is loads off bread and milk in Ards tho, Phil nipped out for milk before, was the best 5 minutes in a GT in a straight line ever I've had lmao :p

    Wee bike looks the part Calum, just remember this, "its not yourself to worry about its every other asshole round you":oops:
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    Just got the email, we shall be closing the gates at 4pm Friday until further notice :oops:
    UK government is paying 80% off the wages so it will be tight for a while:mad: Danielle still has folk to look after and there was a shitstorm about PPE in her work(community social worker)and a few folk walked out so theres some extra money to make up there.
    On the plus side it will finally give me time to fit the mounting pile off Dina parts I've here:Dnothing exciting dont worry:rolleyes:
  10. Calum122

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    My friend is very weary of motorbikes, he's from NI. But over in England it is somewhat different. Still dangerous but different.

    As it turned out, that photo was taken at the side of the road cause I broke down lol. The gear input shaft came loose and I was unable to select gears lol. And thus was stuck until I could fix it.

    It was also leaking copious amounts of fuel gggrrr! Still can't get to the bottom of that one.

    But I didn't want to mention that in the post.
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  11. SKINY

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    Lol, see the bolt missing now you mentioned it :p
  12. Calum122

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    Well, these are cheap chinese fairings and I couldn't exactly get the fairings lined up perfectly. A few bolts here and there are nothing.

    But annoying, the whole thing rattled to pieces and the linkage rod fell out the linkage arm. The rod you see from the footrest to the engine. Meaning I couldn't select gears. It kept falling out on the way home, eventually I bet the fecker!

    Well, luckily you can buy spares. Not cheap though :(
  13. SKINY

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    If it was a Toyota you would have had cable ties with you :D

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