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Discussion in 'Suggestions/ Feedback' started by Fizturbo, Dec 15, 2019.

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    What a proper cunt mate, suprise me how many folk get stroked in the starlet world :(
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    If nothing else, the only good that can come out of being stung so badly is passing on the information so that nobody else makes the same mistake.

    Av added sum more info on ukso link.

    Mrs made a folder,thers plenty messages of fb, text messages and WhatsApp.
    Lot customers got stung by him but ther not all on forums or fb.

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  6. Djaniero

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    Fiz, did I meet you and your mate in Manchester a while back and sell an EMB to you guys?
    If so I remember you telling me about this. Shocking stuff.
  7. Fizturbo

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    Is it Tim?
    Yup was me with little bro was nice to meet you, av end up with two emb & one ultimate (Greddy) lolz, still boxed of.

    Yup still in shock, peeps been sending me messages.

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    Yeah man. Thats me lol.
    Likewise...hows things? Hows your lil bro getting on with his?

    Crazy long story, but I bumped into a starlet guy over the summer and the above dude did all the work on his GT. Luckily he got his all done before it went down hill.
  9. Fizturbo

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    Haha. Doin fine Thanks.
    Still needs sum tlc on his parked up at moment.

    The guy had lucky escape probably sum of my starbo bits went on his car won't be surprised there.

  10. Djaniero

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    Glad to hear man.

    Hope your bro gets his back on the road soon.

    Its a crazy turn of events, because from what I can gather, he as theee starlet Guru of the NW at one point.
    Did you ever manage to find out why he lost the plot and did what he did?
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    G6 speed guru lol,
    Had problems with his ex not allowed to see his son,drink, drug addict he had to go drug rehabilitation thru court case,use to carry taser torch showed it to us, took it nite out in town an end up in cell been fightin with his ex girlfriends boyfriend (all crazy) use to go roun an slash all his tyres, told me all this that's why half time unit closed. When got evicted from unit, customers wer allowed to collect our belongings, in office ther was human poo in corners an wee in jars absolutely disgusting.
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    Unit 6 owner own many units there,owner has got his own garage mot business David MSM Melbourne St Motors Mot
    over 30+yrs good rep.
    Chris got a beating of a customer outside unit head was bleading cctv evidence, also kicked of of with boys, they got fed up of unit6 issues so many customer complaints regarding unit6.
    Thanks to David & Big Pete for allowing customers to collect cars & sum parts of what was left there.
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