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  1. Rondon

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    Hi Folks,

    Is buying a Blue emanage from eBay that's been used before....ok to use?

    Or is a ME211 a better option...is anyone using either?

    Anyone live near Glasgow that knows some where to get tuning done.

    Anyone using any other stand alone or piggy back?

    Cheers folk


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  2. Jay

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    I'd find your tuner first Ron, then buy based on what he's happy to play with. We have only one guy locally that will tune Emanage, the rest won't touch them and as a result the price of them has dropped on the local circuit. I've no ME211 experience unfortunately.
  3. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    Cheers fur feedback Jay
  4. SKINY

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    ME221 or Link i will be going for when that time comes, the emanage can get them for buttons here but as Jay sais nobody likes them over here tuner wise.
    the Link are available plug n play with a base map to get you to your tuners, whoever they may be
  5. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    Cheers Skinny.

    Does anyone know a tuners in Kilmarnock?

    Who sells link I?



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