Excelent price from sky!!!

Discussion in 'Sky Insurance' started by spence, May 25, 2012.

  1. spence

    spence Registered User +

    Got a phone call this morning from Alex at Sky insurance and i have never been as shocked as much as this price at anything in my entire life (well owning a Glanza anyways lol)

    With just myself on the policy i may add, normally i add my parents on as named driver to make it abit cheaper for me, but nope, just me

    £1042 Fully comp
  2. Blak_Mamber

    Blak_Mamber Paid Member

    How old are you? You'd pass out if you knew what i was paying for my GT :p
  3. Arnold

    Arnold Paid Member

    I'm curious to know!
  4. spence

    spence Registered User +

    I'm 22, 23 next month, how much u Payin like?
  5. gg205rob

    gg205rob Registered User +

    Christ. Im 23 now. Took my policy out on my gt when i was 22, paying just over £600 fully comp, couple of basic mods.
  6. spence

    spence Registered User +

    WTF!!! Iv been driving since I was 17 as well and got 4 years no claims bonus.
  7. gg205rob

    gg205rob Registered User +

    Ive been driving since i was 17 too. Also have 4 years ncb. Mines a gt turbo, induction kit, exhaust and wheels are the mods on it. 10,000 miles a year, fully comp. Thats with admiral mate.
  8. kemnaychris

    kemnaychris Paid Member

    I been driving 6 years and 5 years no claims and quoted on the comparison sites was 325 a year fully comp as my insurance is dues in 2 weeks

    am paying 400 fully comp on my gt just now
  9. spence

    spence Registered User +

    How old are u Chris? And I'm guessing that GT's are a lot cheap to insure because there an older car :s
  10. toyotaep82

    toyotaep82 Fresh Recruit

    its da other way round over ere n ireland da older the car the dearer it is to insure dependin on wat company u go too!!!
  11. ryan-11

    ryan-11 Paid Member

    im £880 fully comp to insure a 300bhp glanza, all mods declared
  12. lleey2k4

    lleey2k4 Paid Member

    Is your post code a high high high high risk area? Im insured on a Celica GT4 now after a starlet with adrian flux and paying £601 for the year at 23 with 4 years ncb in a really high risk area.
  13. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    How much?
  14. spence

    spence Registered User +

    I don't think that it is, never get any car getting stolen or anything round here. I might phone up Adrian flux see if they give me a cheaper quote.

    Ah right
  15. J25GTi

    J25GTi Paid Member

    Im 22 4ncb, low risk area 800quid fully comp with all mods, roll cage etc declared and thats with 3rd party extension to drive any vehicle.

    thats from adrian flux :)
  16. spence

    spence Registered User +

    Me thinks I'm gunna make a phone call to Adrian flux
  17. lleey2k4

    lleey2k4 Paid Member

    Adrian Flux automatically gave me the extension to drive any car, i just had to ask and they put it on for me for free after 2 years with them not knowing about it for anyone who dont know about it.
  18. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    £955.70 for me with Sky, includes the interest to pay over 10 months! 29 Year old, 5 NCB, Protected and quite a few mods, but nothing serious - 177 bhp, standard turbo. No convictions. Personally I think it's a rip off!
    Last edited: May 27, 2012
  19. carlmcqueen1987

    carlmcqueen1987 Registered User +

    24yrs old, 6yrs no claims, no convictions, every mod declared stripped out interior, right down to injectors 280bhp mine is roughly £950 oh n valued at £6000 with mods
  20. Paul_JJ

    Paul_JJ Registered User +

    Thats cheap considering the power!

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