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Discussion in 'DRIVETRAIN' started by Harry1994gt, May 7, 2019.

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    Hi, i purchased a gearbox with aftermarket lsd for my gt project im converting from auto to manual,

    The new box was filthy inside amd out so i opened up the case halves and cleaned it all thoroughly inside and out and put it all back together (everything inside looked good and previous owner said the box had no issues)

    Now i have the box back together i am using the selector to select each gear by hand to test it, it does ingage 1-2-3-4 but 5th (i believe its 5th if i push the selector all the way in and rotate to the right?) will not go into gear,

    Any ideas? The box has no oil in it which could be the problem?

    In neutral i can spin the shaft by hand and see the driveshaft outputs turning

    In all other gears i cannot spin the shaft by hand at all (normal i guess) except for one gear which i think is reverse will spin the driveshaft outputs in the opposite direction to neutral when spun by hand)

    I just want to be sure this box is ok before installing it on the car

    Thanks for your help
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  2. Harry1994gt

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    Ok i have removed the end cover and had a look at the 5th gear and it is in fact all engaging correctly, i can shift through 5 gears but how do i select reverse?

    Does anyone know the order of shifting a gearbox by hand without linkages attached if that makes sense
  3. Jay

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    I generally steer clear of gearbox internals tbh Harry but before fitting a box I would go through the gears by using the two external selector levers. Just to make sure there's no difficulty. This has worked out okay in the past and I've never tried going through them manually with the box open.

    Probably of zero help but I felt bad there were no replies :D
  4. Harry1994gt

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    thanks mate it does all feel ok ill have to run it on the car and see what happens, if i have to pull it iff again atleast ill know what to look for
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  5. Skalabala

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    Oil makes a drastic difference.
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