Happy Anniversary GT lovers

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by Jay, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Jay

    Jay Admin

    This month 25 years ago Mr Toyota launched a little rocketship.. :rockon:

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  2. Cormach

    Cormach Registered User +

    Mighty fine motor !
  3. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    25 years on and they look better than ever!
  4. Guye

    Guye Paid Member

    100% agreed!
  5. glanzadude

    glanzadude Paid Member

    have to say for a 25 year old car looks really really well and don't looks its age
  6. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    happy anniversary
  7. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    Happy Anniversary

    Mr Toyota thinking beyond the spiritual level to create such a nice looking motor (and monster). And WoW, It’s funny how time flies… 25 years already.
  8. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Whilst everyone else is otherwise engaged, I appear to be the only one who remembered the 30th anniversary (Pearl) :D

    How sad is that!?
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  9. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Looool, I'm on the D&D allready bro.
    Happy anniversary :p
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  10. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    happy anniversary
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  11. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Gotta be only a handful left these days :( Prices over here are going through the roof now.

    Mine needs so much work to it :(
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  12. glanzadude

    glanzadude Paid Member

    I was thinking the same thing Jay, 30 years old and still a fine car, I am so lucky to still have my 1992 gt and after buying a house
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  13. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    Happy 3oth Anniversary! :)
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