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Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by starletsy, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. starletsy

    starletsy Registered User +

    Know it's a long shot but has anyone got a new or very good condition Glanza drivers side headlight willing to also buy a pair. Also looking for a stock glanza speedometer face the 180kph one if someone has changed to indiglow ones again willing to buy a cheap cluster complete if someone has one.
  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Near sure I spotted a glanza kmph face in a drawer I was cleaning out recently. Will update tomorrow mate.

    EDIT - Apologies, turns out it's an aftermarket dual reading one!
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  3. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Nice find all the same tho Jay :) mines dual too :cool:

    Hit Ian parker up bud he normally wheels n deals in glanza bits :rolleyes:
  4. starletsy

    starletsy Registered User +

    Jay any chance of a pic I’ve got an mph one on mine an the colour match is shocking it’s doing my head in :confused::confused:
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  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Hang on, managed to find an original one in another drawer (this could have been the one I remember seeing lol). Let me know if it'll do the jab.

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