how to work out bhp per ton??

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by Jules-B, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    hi all

    im probbaly being very silly, but im not very mathmatically minded!.

    could somone tell me how to work out bhp per ton,

    or if its easier im after bhp per ton for the following

    300bhp(wheels) and car is about 1000kgs
    350bhp wheels same
    400 wheels

  2. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    i'll base it on a starlet.

    135 (hp) / 0.850kg (weight of car) = 158.8 hp per ton.

    i beleive it should be power at fly divided by weight of the vehicle.
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  3. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    well 300bhp and 1000kg(1ton) = 300bhp/ton
    so u put the bhp on top and the tonnage on the bottom.

    like so

    300/1 = 300bhp/ton

    and so on

    350/1 = 350bhp/ton
    400/1 = 400bhp/ton
    or for example 216bhp in a starlet at mayb 860kg(0.86ton) is 216/0.86 = 251.16bhp/ton

    EDIT sx beat me to it
  4. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    right cheers,

    thanks for that, just trying to do some figures for a bit of a mammoth project im planning
  5. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    sweet good luck with the project? u going to disclose any of your aims?
    i assume that the project is a starlet?
  6. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    ye i didnt mean to put 1000kgs, meant that to be with the ton, its too early for me!
    thanks for that though
  7. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    yes it is with a starlet but somthing a bit different a special, dont want to disclose too many details incase somone else thinks its a good idea and does it!

    all i can say is it includes getting another car, making a starlet uber wide, and some serious power...
  8. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Paid Member

  9. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    ahh nice!!

    thanks for that matey!
  10. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Paid Member

    no worries :D If only i had a 350hp starbo, 0-60 in 4.1s! lol
  11. Monkfish

    Monkfish Paid Member

    You won't get much faster than 5.5 with WWD (Wrong Wheel Drive), especially without a LSD.
  12. GTti

    GTti Paid Member

    Power at Flywheel (BHP) : 160
    Weight without Driver (KG) : 750
    Power to Weight Ratio (BHP Per Ton) : 216.76
    0 - 60 (Secs) : 5.47
    0 - 100 (Secs) : 14.01
    60 - 100 (Secs) : 8.54
    Quarter Mile (Secs) : 13.91
    Terminal Speed (MPH) : 99.63
    Drag Strip Quarter Mile (Secs) : 13.71
    Drag Strip Terminal Speed (MPH) : 101.46

    Probably not far off :p
  13. Dan3SGTE

    Dan3SGTE Paid Member

    with slicks you could easily get 4's to 60mph..... Im very confident if i put my slicks on i would get mid 4's maybe even better.......

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