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  1. Rondon

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    Alright Folks,

    Im in the process of buying a Glanza as a toy to tune..not my daily drive, so I'll probably do you box in with questions.

    If you could recommend any resources about tuning and where you can get parts like front mount i/c and if a blue emanage is required to get the benefit from mods or could you strap on TD04 kit and torque steer into the sun set.

    I've been member of other marques and always very nice to say hello and hopefully help me build a fun car.


  2. Calum122

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    Hi there!

    Have you got a power in figure in mind that you would like to achieve?

    Is the vehicle going to be used on the track? Is handling important or is it just the 1/4 mile thrill you're after.

  3. Jay

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    Morning dude,

    Your UK one-stop shop would be Tuning developments (parts/labour/tuning) but that's not to say there aren't other tuners who can order the parts in. If it's just parts the likes of Fensport, Import Car Parts, IDworks, Racetech, etc are all UK based and further afield there's RHDJapan and Nengun,amongst others. Bear in mind that you might get import tax on stuff from outside the EU.

    Ebay and local motor factors fill in the gaps and if you are really stuck on dealer parts Toyota still do a number of odds and ends for them.

    Have a search on here for tuning options. The emanage Blue (and even the Ultimate) aren't considered the best option but some tuners do still support them.

    Hope that helps,

  4. SKINY

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    Ian Parker is selling an e-manage handy money bud
  5. Rondon

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    Cheers Guys
  6. SKINY

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    get a mod thread going buddy :) I'm currently faffing about with my TF035 conversion, loads of information and epic build threads on here to lose days reading them too lol
  7. Rondon

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    Cheers Guys
  8. gorganl2000

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    welcome sir...lots of information on this site
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