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    Previously ran Andy forrest td04 hybrid made 293bhp still had more to go...
    any feedback on midland turbos td04 hybrid & spec capable compared to Tuning Developments & wepr.

  2. Fizturbo

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    Midland turbo Just 19T billet Compressor wheel upgrade.

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    that sounds like a good turbo and its proven to you,,,i'd suggest you get back another one if possible from the same place
    there were once a few hybrid td04l options as you listed above, some worked and some were not much more impressive than the stock td04l, so you was have to do a lot of research on here with the old search function
    i can't comment on hybrid td04s, as i've never ran any personally, i've only ran stock td04l in the past and i liked it that way

    my friend ran a stock tod04l, then upgraded it with a billet compressor wheel and hated it (said that it did feel more powerful, the power delivery was not smooth anymore, but harsh and top end primarily), so he went back to a stock td04l for a wider and more usable power band as his car was daily driven
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    Don't make them gutted.

    My Td04 Hybrid disappeared of earth by Chris bover Ireland at unit 6, skank junky man,bad feed back on fb & ukso.

    When Tuning development's mapped it Mike was well impressed.

    Standard td04 will be pushing it's limit on forged setup,revamp plans... goin ahead.

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    Not at all, better to be informed mate.
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