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Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by Giulio, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Good afternoon,

    I am new here all the way from Malta, Europe. My name is Giulio D'Ambrogio Araci and I am 29 year old. I own a Honda Civic EK3 (not sure whether I can mention this here :p) and an original Toyota EP82 Mk3. Are there any other members from Malta here?

    I am currently trying to source out as much information and parts as possible so that the engine will be fully forged in the next couple of months. Turbo will be changed to a Speedvision CT9 Hyrbid Spec 2, in fact will be sending it for a rebuild. Gearbox is also being rebuilt so as to include new synchros, bearings and a Quaife LSD.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Welcome to the site Giulio, hope it proves useful to you.

    TGTT has had Maltese members since the outset I think, Konrad and co have always been around the site although things are quieter now that Facebook has taken traffic away.

    I was over in Malta a few years back for Hybrid's wedding and met up with your local Starlet heads (Zisco, Killamats and Pekichu garage) they had some great builds going on and were still going strong at Halfar. You should ask around I'm sure they would be glad to assist.


  3. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks a lot Jay

    I am assuming that you are referring to Konrad, the guy who maps the cars over here right?

    I am aware of all the people whom you mentioned however I am a guy that tries to assemble everything on my own. In addition, as you said, they are more focused on building high spec cars for Halfar other than a street car which I am currently after.

    Thanks again for the welcome

  4. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    welcome along buddy :)
  5. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks mate :)
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  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yeah Konrad was on here from the start :cool:

    Don't worry these cars are well suited to the home mechanic and a good setup is great fun on the road. We don't all have to be quarter mile legends :D

    Have a hunt round the site for other builds (I reckon around 90% are self-built rockets) and if there's any questions just holler man.

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  7. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks a lot Jay :)
  8. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    yeah, there were/are a few malta based members over the years...and those guys know these cars well
    to add a few more names--- sheldon, duglanza,
  9. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks a lot. Have never heard of these two guys.

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