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  1. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

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    E-mail sent and joined the Facebook a/c
  2. corofin12345

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    email sent... not 2 bitchy vvvvvv

    I am against the annual NCT for cars 10 years or over because i think its just another money making scheme for the fat cats... what about the cars under 10 years old that are only fit for scrap that are still on the road and yet us younger lads with our older sports cars that are next or near 2 perfect get hard done by ("bodykits dont kill people,drunks do").. in this climate i cannot afford a new car as i can barely afford to put petrol in the one ive got and its the same for nearly 50% of this country... its easy for yee 2 say this as yee are never without money but you fail 2 realise this will not solve the problem of wich doesnt even exist.. its not our fault this country is in a shambles and your way of solving it is to take it out against the already hard done by... sort out your priorities and never forget that ireland has a voice!!!!
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  3. gglavin

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    Done, F*cking c8nts , dont get me started on that corrupt shower.
  4. Franza1

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    Email sent X 2 Herself did it aswell
  5. 12345678

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    DONE. joined the group and signed the petition

    P.S. i copied what corofin said!lol, hope you dont mind! :p
  6. corofin12345

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    why you little... haha.. all good:haha:
  7. faisalgtturbo

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    is this only for peeps in ireland
    or can i vote against it etc...

    cos i can see something similar happening in england
    soon if this takes off .... in ireland

  8. gv1.3

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    anyone can sign it if they want to, it is a public form :)

    Well done to everyone who has sent the mail, they flooded in! The facebook group is starting to roll along too, if you have a facebook account please join and if you already joined then send out a message to your facebook friends recommending it.

    I fear the day that the government bring a law in banning imports of all cars over 5 years old etc.... if they do not get push back about any of the other laws they are introducing that is exactly where this will end.
  9. Super Mod (極度の調整器)

    I spy an old Corolla, a Levin, and possibly a Ford Racing Puma...

    As for the ruling, bloody stupid idea. Get your emails going chaps, you've taken enough shite, time to give it back.

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