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  1. I will be definately taking one of these of you Dave,
    just have to wait for the credit card company to get my money back..
    gonna take 30 days tho.
  2. carlos_ep91

    carlos_ep91 Paid Member

    same boat as you now waiting to get paypal to get my money back!!
    im goin td04 now anyway!!!

    still total arseholes in my opion and i would advise anyone to deal with them!!!!
  3. Registered Trader

    They have not posted on UKSC since Nov
  4. cowboys!
    wonder what are they at!!!
  5. received fmic today off fmic.
  6. mcclelland87

    mcclelland87 Fresh Recruit

    j performance

    all right i just bout a fmic from j performance on the 27/12/07 but having trouble getting it has anyone else had bother with them recentley cheers
  7. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Merged this with the last feedback concerning them. Read above for past encounters mate.
  8. mcclelland87

    mcclelland87 Fresh Recruit


    how would i go about getting my money back off jerformance since they seem to just take the cash and not reply back and buy off a trader on this site cheers
  9. Barry P.

    Barry P. Fresh Recruit

    I've been directed to this site by a fellow Mitsubishi Lancer Register member after I posted about some issues with this company when I ordered a downpipe and exhaust system for my Evo 9. The system turned up but the down pipe fouled against the gearbox and pushed it out of line. The rest of the system was a mile out, catching on the floor pan and the rear diffuser panel. I was asked to send it back 3 weeks ago, which I did, but have not received my refund from Mr Charlie Kelly of JPerformance who trade on Ebay as jpsales-online. I have now initiated a Pay Pal dispute to recover my money.
    I certainly wouldn't recommend anybody to use this company.
  10. SnakeBite

    SnakeBite Fresh Recruit

    Yes I have problem with these guys! I ordered a exhaust manifold from them over a month ago! They don't respond to my messages and when they do they just say "We are resolving this"

    These guys just keep pushing my limit. I send them a message from another address and asked them about their stock situation. THEY REPLIED ME SAME DAY! But no reply to my allready paid parts...

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