Kerb Weight EP85 + EP95

Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by GP82, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. GP82

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    As above i am trying to find the weight of both models.

  2. Jay

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    Based on the EP85 specs I have here the

    Soleil L 3 door model was 880 kg
    Soleil L 5 door model was 900 kg
    The S 3 door was 910 kg
    And the X Limited 5 door was 940 kg

    Think the spec of each model makes the differences.

    You can compare that to the GT's 860kg and the base Soleil's 740kg.

    These look to be 'dry' weights taken from a 1995 brochure.

    I'll update with the EP95 details when I find them.

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  3. weeJohn

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    EP95 was a fatty compared to the EP85 from memory.
  4. bucketep91

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    My ep95 came in at 990odd kg!
  5. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    Thanks Jay! I was trying to get an approx. idea of the weight difference from the EP82, EP91 against the EP85, EP95.

    So i assume the 4 wheel drive models are considerably heavier then the FWD models reading the weight figures being 'dry'.

    The base Soleil's dry weight is quite light at 740kg, but i wonder what that figure would turn into for the 'wet' kerb weight.

    Ah yes, common trend, the more later models become a couch potato. Thanks.
  6. Paul_JJ

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    I wonder if AUTO EP-91's are heavier then the Manual ones???

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