Kirkistown 5-10-14 Baltic meet

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by EP91_Chris, Sep 17, 2014.


Which Date

  1. Saturday 27th September

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  2. Sunday 28th September

  3. Saturday 4th October

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  4. Sunday 5th October

  5. Saturday 11th October

  6. Sunday 12thOctober

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  1. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    Evening Folks,

    Apologies for the lack of activity recently, been a bit bogged down with work and a few other things.

    With show season pretty much at a close now, I think it's about time I organise another meet.

    It has been a while since we've gone "back to porridge" and done a room2race meet, so I think it would be a good idea to organise one. I have added a poll for everyone to vote on which date suits best.

    Also, I am open to any new suggestions or ideas.

  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Have been rather busy myself Chris, would welcome the chance to catch up with the crew.

    I'm happy enough to go with the majority vote.
  3. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Aye see what gets the most interest and go with it.

  4. hookie663

    hookie663 Registered User +

    Yes up for this lads voted on ukso
  5. nistarbo

    nistarbo Registered User +

    I was thinking about this the other week.
    What about asking Pete at pmg autocare for a demo of detailing. With winter only round the corner it would be good to have a pro show us how to prepare a vehicle properly.
    Just a thought.
    I never know when suits me with work so majority rule suits.
  6. Andys Starlet

    Andys Starlet Paid Member

    Should be able to make it to this depending on the day :)
  7. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    Looks like we have nine interested in going to this.

    This Sunday is looking like majority vote, I'll ring later on today to see if there are spaces available.

  8. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Awesome, I'll even be in a starlet for a change!
  9. Gryzor

    Gryzor Administrator

    Chris , this Sunday being the 28th ?
  10. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    Yes, there is 3 votes for this Sunday & 2 for the following Sunday.
  11. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    I'm in Westport this week so I'm out. But with only a blown motor to talk about I doubt Ill be missed lol

    Next time (as usual)

  12. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    Scrap tomorrow, will bool for next Sunday if everyone is agreeable?
  13. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Not a bother, was looking forward to a spin in the auto but I've plenty of madness to be getting on with anyway lol.
  14. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Also, just thinking, anyone fancy a gathering at Kirky on the 5th?

    There's a trackday on so plenty to see even if you aren't braving the track. :cool:
  15. nistarbo

    nistarbo Registered User +

    The Kirky meet sounds good to me. I'm off work ATM but all can change lol.
  16. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    I've just posted on UKS to see what interest there is in going to Kirkistown.
  17. Spud Glanza V

    Spud Glanza V Paid Member

    A meet at the track sounds good to me!
  18. spudep91

    spudep91 Registered User +

    Kirky sounds good to me as hopefully ill be on the track anyhow lol.
  19. kilo

    kilo Paid Member

    How much is it onto the track?
  20. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    I think it's about £110.00

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