Mazda mps awd 2.3l turbo

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by H_D, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    Had a go against one of the above aparently its supposed to re-mapped running 280bhp.....The guy in the mazda was not a happy chappy gettin annihilated by a 1.3L glanza on stock turbo. He thinks im running like 300hp (i wish i was)
  2. rage

    rage Paid Member

    weight and 4wd bogs down his performance once he hits second gear :)
  3. richglanzav

    richglanzav Paid Member

    i dunno about the mazda 6 mps (4wd) but im very suprised by this lol...i know for a fact a mazda 3 MPS (fwd) and i THINK same engine as the 6, is fucking rapid even stock.

    what power has your glanza got lol
  4. thefalls

    thefalls Registered User +

    Havent really seen these awd mazdas around.

    Was it a CX-7 or mazda 3?
  5. Bazza

    Bazza Registered User +

    sorry but dont believe this at all. i have drove an mps and they are quick so doubt you totally wasted him unless he cant drive lol!!

    also im sure they are FWD
  6. ryan_v

    ryan_v Paid Member

    my mates got a mazda 6 mps its awd, think hes got a gt30 on it. Goes like shit off a shovel
  7. John@ECC

    John@ECC Paid Member

    Is that the one we mapped on Standback???
  8. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    Im gonna meet him again this take a passenger with me to film it....videos dont lie and nor do i.....last time i had mine on rollers it made 196bhp
  9. ryan_v

    ryan_v Paid Member

    yes john thats the one, wolf in sheeps clothing :)
  10. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Wont be on a public road of course, in your work again.
  11. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    Just to let people know the race is cancelled for today and will be next tuesday due to the wet weather. (our local cruise is every tuesday)
  12. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Sure update us whenever you get the summons for the courtcase..

    Please refrain from street racing related snizzle in the forums folks, it casts a dim view of your intelligence and our audience.


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