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Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Giulio, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Hi All,

    As you know I am currently building up a spec list of what sort of parts I need to forge my engine. Current setup includes the below:

    Wallbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
    AEM Fuel Regulator
    HKS Adjustable Actuator
    Stock CT9 turbo
    Blitz Venturi Blow Off Valve
    4-1 Ramhorn Zisco + Race-tech Decat + Trust Greddy Beatmax backbox + 2.75" Stainless Zisco piping
    JPerformance Front Mount Intercooler V1
    Golpher Full Aluminium Triple Core Radiator

    I have already bought the below which are going to be used once my engine is forged:

    High Flow Fuel Rail Zoqdi Racing
    8mm Magnecor High Tension Leads
    Mine's ECU
    Speedvision Spec 2 CT9 Hybrid Turbo

    In the meantime was thinking of the below setup:

    ACL Engine Bearing set
    PEC Conrods
    74mm Wossner Pistons with 8.0:1 compression (assuming that the bore is fine)
    ARP Head Bolt Kit
    ARP Main Bolt Kit
    Athena gasket (am still confused of what size shall I use 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.9mm)

    In addition I am planning to deck the block so as to have stronger fire rings even though I am going to use an Athena gasket. Whilst at the Engineer am also planning to increase the support at the bottom end hence stronger main caps.

    I will also be rebuilding the turbo together with the gearbox. As clutch I was going for an Exedy Stage 1 Full rim Organic.

    I am after your opinion guys.... ohh and can someone specify how much boost can this turbo with a forged engine take?

    Thanks a lot for your time,

  2. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    ive read and been told the acl bearings only last 25,000 miles and the standard Toyota are better and last waay longer. There's a few threads on here too mention it aswell buddy :)
  3. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks a lot for your post. ohhh ic. Wasn't aware of this. Might it be the fact they got fake ones? There are ACL bearings which are made in china instead of Australia.
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  4. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    there should be no reason why the acl bearings would last any less time than toyota ones?
    in theory the bearing should not even contact the crank journal as there should always be a film of oil between them, therefore, it should never wear. obviously in reality this is never 100% true under all circumstances (start up for example).

    i appreciate people may have had issues, but it could be down to excessive clearances and/or a poor build in general. being fake isnt necessarily an issue unless they are really crap quality?
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  5. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    If I remember right it was Wepr legend Sacha had bother with them, when the time comes for mine to be built I will be using Toyota bearings :)
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  6. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks guys for your comments I will keep this in mind :)

    About the rest of the parts what do you think?
  7. thefalls

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    Thats a good decision regarding the 74mm piston size. Whenever you need to change the block its an easy job.
    I had to change engine block and had to rebore and start over the whole break in routine. Though i prefer the hard way. lol!

    The head gasket size in your scenario, since you are running CT9 hybrid, I suppose you are looking f0r response rather than peak power; then better go for 1.2mm.

    The compression will be lower anyways since you are using Wisecos at 8.0.
  8. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks for your reply.

    To be honest a friend of mine told me to increase the compression from the stock 8.2:1 to 8.5:1 instead of lowering it (8.0:1). I would than have to play with the actuator to obtain lower boost levels. Would I be safe running such setup or is it too much risky?

    To be honest the compression ratio is not going to be increased a lot from the stock level.
  9. thefalls

    thefalls Registered User +

    If you are forging the engine then i would suggest get a proper boost controller. This will be a good investment in the long run.

    The design of the Wiseco pistons has a dish of around 10cc and this lowers the compression already. What will ultimately determine your compression ratio will be your head gasket thickness,provided that your head is stock. Porting will change chamber volume.

    There are some websites where you can calculate your compression before you attempt the build.
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  10. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks a lot for the info :)
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  11. SKINY

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  12. Giulio

    Giulio Fresh Recruit

    Thanks mate. Really good to know ;)
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