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Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by Jules-B, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Dan-The-Glanza-Man

    Dan-The-Glanza-Man Paid Member

    was all last week..... pp boys didnt seehim down there or his stand hes been on here a fair few times since i emailed him 9days ago
  2. turboloon

    turboloon Registered User +

    this ain't good...this ain't the way traders are supposed to conduct themselves....
  3. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    We have sent an email to Nick requesting he look at this thread asap.
  4. popsy09

    popsy09 Munster Area Rep.

    whats with all the traders lately lol ,hope you get it sorted :):)
  5. cheshireglanza

    cheshireglanza **Do not buy from me**

    i have made nick aware so he should get back to you now
  6. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

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  7. Super Mod (極度の調整器)

    Now that Nick's been in touch, let's keep this thread between the two of them please...
  8. Dan-The-Glanza-Man

    Dan-The-Glanza-Man Paid Member

    will do. thanks for reply........ thanks will do
  9. jjayokocha

    jjayokocha Ulster Area Rep

    Greddy spec 2 ebc arrived today, thanks again Nick.
  10. Starlet_Sam's_Mum

    Starlet_Sam's_Mum Registered User +

    Just got back from Tuning Developments, Nick sorted out the timing on my car, it's now absolutely rapid.

    I'm well happy with the work he's done, value for money is stupidly good AND i got a free burger and hot dog, can't get much better.

    Thanks guys.

  11. Gord R

    Gord R Paid Member

    Big thanks to Nick for fixing me up with an exhaust! Good to meet you today fella :)

    Excellent service.
  12. garry goodall

    garry goodall Paid Member

    thanks to the lads at tuning developments, supplied installed and mapped my emb, top lads with loads of knowledge about these cars.
    recommend to anyone thanks guys.
  13. GlanzaV.Tee

    GlanzaV.Tee Paid Member

    Nick..... A Great Helpful Person To Talk To, supplied parts at an outstanding time which was very quick unfortunately due to me being ill didnt get time to go but got them today which is brilliant overall service i'd say Highly Recommended and cant wait to finish my forged build :)
  14. ginor

    ginor Registered User +

    Went up to Tuning Developments last weekend on planning of getting my car mapped. As I came to the last sliproad of the motorway after nearly 3 and a half hours driving my clutch decided to pack in. Managed to get it nearly to the garage, if I weren't so stupid and took a wrong turning I could of made it there. Rang up Mike to let him know, within 5 minutes Nick and Mike were both there to tow me back to their place (Mike managed to push me up a dual carrige-way lol). After getting it back to their place there was a few decisions that had to be made and they managed to sort me out with a new clutch, which I greatly appreciate them doing for me.

    As for the clutch, got a Spec 6 Puk Paddle clutch and even though i'm still bedding it in, its no-where near as bad as I thought a paddle clutch would be. A bit stiffer to start off with but it's not that bad now i've had it in there for nearly a week. A little less bite point than before but nothing drastic. If anyone is worried about getting a paddle clutch then don't be, there not that bad really!! That's including being stuck in traffic on the M5 / 6 on the way home.

    Can't thank Nick and Mike enough, even though it started out to be a really bad day, had a good laugh up there and I never left dissappointed. It was good to get to meet them and to talk to them in person. Learnt a hell of a lot off them, cannot wait to go back up and get it mapped :)
  15. clarkytrd

    clarkytrd Paid Member

    Got the fuel pump today Mike,

    Pleasure dealing with you.

    Thanks again,
  16. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD


    Thanks a lot for the kind words!

    Means a lot to know people are happy with the services we offer :)


    Mike Jones
    Tuning Developments Ltd
  17. cheshireglanza

    cheshireglanza **Do not buy from me**

    Top guy's took my glanza in for engine swap with only 2 day's notice worked on it over weekend so i could have it back for work monday

    cheers mike,nick
  18. fishman

    fishman Registered User +

    As usual Brilliant workmanship/customer service today at TD. Have used TD in the past on my previous cars. Recently bought a gt and wanted nick to check it over and give me a list of things I could improve on, today he has fitted rear brakes for me, fixed my broken/unlight boost gauge can now see what's happening at night. He has also fixed my boost creep and provided me with an efi pipe and induction to slow the intake down till I can move on with my performance mods to complety get rid of boost creep. a list has been produced of issues and things to change in time. Very good service today. Mike nad nicks are top blokes.

    And he even had time to answer all the questions that flood out my mind as I'm new to the turbo world.

    Stickers going straight on the car:)

    Thanks again nick and mike

    Speak soon
  19. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Cheers guys :)

    Both own tidy motors! No doubt be seeing you both soon :)


    Mike Jones
    Tuning Developments Ltd
  20. carlmcqueen1987

    carlmcqueen1987 Registered User +

    top guys cant wait to get it mapped now!!!

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