Oil pressure relief valve?

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Gee, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Gee

    Gee Paid Member

    As title, where is this on the 4efte?

    Anyone have one of those engine pictures with part numbers or can just explain where it is?

    Toyota says it does not show on the 4EFTE but does on the 4EFE??

  2. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    i think its where the oil pick up is but i cant remember.

    i have a corolla haynes manual at home i find very handy.
  3. gorganl2000

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    hey gee......if i'm on the same wave length as u

    then the oil pressure relief valve is located on the inside of the block ----it screws into the block from the underside and i think its a 17-19mm bolt looking thing-----has a little clip and spring mechnism in it

    and for sure one is in the 4efte........and all other e series engines i have seen


    look on page 34 and u will see what it is
  4. Gee

    Gee Paid Member

    Cheers, I'll pass this information on.

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