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  1. EP91_Starlet

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    First post here, I'll introduce myself.

    My name is Coen, and I'm 21 years old, living in The Netherlands. I drive a green Toyota Starlet (EP91).

    So here's my problem:

    I bought a 4E-FTE from Groundspeed (very known company in NL), and swapped that one in my red EP91 and drove that around for about a year. I decided to buy another, better looking Starlet, a green EP91, and swapped my 4E-FTE into that one. It was all plug&play, and it cranks now, but doesn't fire up, and I really don't know why. I used the exact same loom as in the red Starlet, and soldered the same plug to the same wires, which Groundspeed told me to do.

    I checked every wire from the distributor cap, the ignitor and the coil to the ECU, and they aren't broken or something, all 0 Ohm. I have a 4E-FTE A/T ECU, which camewith the engine, and worked fine, also tried a manual 4E-FTE ECU, but that doesn't make any difference.

    I did swap the complete steering colum, and steering house, because the red one didn't have power steering, and the green one did. So I decided to get rid of the powersteering. But the ignition switch came out of the red one, so it should work I guess.

    I work at Louwman, a Toyota dealer/importer in The Netherlands, and my colleagues can't figure it out either, so I'm really lost right now..

    Is there any kind of immobilizer I don't know about? Or something else I should check?

    Hope that one of you can help me with this problem. Any help is very appreciated!
  2. Jay

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    Welcome to the site man, hope it proves worthwhile reading.

    With regards to your starting issues it could be a great number of things. First thing I'd do is triple check everything just in case it's (hopefully) something simple. In terms of simple you've probably already checked the basics (fuel/air/compression/spark). Also worth taking a look at the fuses in case something got shorted during the swap over.

    Few questions first :

    When you say it doesn't fire up, do you mean it is completely dead, turns over or starts then cuts out?

    Are both EP91's the same? (year, spec, ECU, etc)

    I don't know about NL EP91's but the UK ones came with an immobilizer as standard. It uses a transponder chip in the key so might be a factor - I've seen conversions with the original key taped to the barrel before o_O

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  3. EP91_Starlet

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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your answer. I do have compression and air, just no spark and fuel. I checked the fuses, and the EFI fuse (15A) was shorted, so I replaced it,still no live.

    The engine does crank, but doesn't fire up. I swapped the entire steering column, and didn't see any immobilizer. If I have one, where could I find it? I tried both steering columns, but it didn't make any difference.
  4. SKINY

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    Try holding the different keys you have on the barrel when trying it bud :) I'm thinking immobiliser too
  5. EP91_Starlet

    EP91_Starlet Fresh Recruit

    All the keys are on the keychain, so I’ve tried that..
  6. Rev

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    Very random but I found on a safety switch on Sera break pedal stops engine starting when brake light doesn't work this routes through the hazard lights and bad hazard contacts can break the circuit. I wonder if you have a similar safety feature in the EP91 circuit?
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  7. SKINY

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    Is that on an auto Rev ? Probably a safety thing, the Dina wont let me start it if it's not in Park, think that's why the keys take a beating
  8. Rev

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    Yea Auto. I discovered this when rubber grommet on the brake switch cracked and fell out and I think the switch contact was lost when you do the touch brake start engine routine.
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