Starlet in Japan!

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by GP82, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. GP82

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  2. malcolmgt

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    Get in! They live on
  3. matty gt

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    always wondered if the japs were still into there starlets still a few knocking about then
  4. Jay

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    At least one has escaped the auctions then. Good to see!
  5. H_D

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  6. GP82

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    I would not take anything away from that H_D, even though i had downed a few when i posted, whats the cure for this headache? Lets have more.

    Legend has it the Cruise demo cars, the 5E's with the big TD06 chargers could hang with 600 + HP gtrs when them boys would come out to play.
  7. H_D

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    Are you sure you aint downed a few more.

    the r35 has a solid launch from standstill and the gear changes on them are so efficiant you cant even notice it changing gears. Where as with the starlet you will get a bit of wheelspin in 1st and 2nd and if your gear change between 1st and second isnt done properly your tourque will drop between changes.

    Even with a rolling start I think the R35 will cream the starlet.

    Stop drinking so much lol
  8. GP82

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    It's hitting the sweet spot now.

    Granted all you say is true H_D, only 'cos it need's enough work done to shift 1700+ kg of Godzilla heavy weight Jap protein lol. Speed over strength i say.

    If you look in the i think it was a Hyper Revs magazine, you can view the specs of the EP's in there. It's in Japanese, but the pictures say alot.

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