Starlet TV Commercials

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by gv1.3, Oct 26, 2017.

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  3. Jay

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    Yes the japs really do WTF adverts very very well.. mental!
  4. BoostJunkie

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    Agreed Lol, the GT in the ad I swear I can see it has the lacquer peel already on the roof lol I soo miss my mk1, and right at the end the GT is the last car in the advert then the next shot 4wd pops up if only they did a 4wd GT from the factory.
  5. JosephR

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    I love these ads. Much more fun than what they come up with nowadays, outside of Japan at least.
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  6. Calum122

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    I was going to say, have you seen the recent Daihatsu adverts, bloody hilarious!
  7. Calum122

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    For those that haven't seen them....

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  8. SKINY

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    Anchan you asshole :D:D brilliant those ads, favourite is the ice cream in the GT, something I'd do :D

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