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Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by ZinCix, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. ZinCix

    ZinCix Fresh Recruit

    Hello everyone. Does anyone sell tein mono flex rears for ep82?
  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Welcome to the site.

    Looks like they could be discontinued for EP82, closest I can see online is RHDJapan:


    Pricey but you should be able to spec them up to suit your requirements.

    Keep an eye on the used markets would be the cheaper option. I've mixed and matched various rear shocks and springs with coilovers in the past with good results too.

  3. ZinCix

    ZinCix Fresh Recruit

    I recently bought all four mono flex from ebay but rears came super street instead of mono flex. Have you done a mix like that? Will it behave normally on the road if i stiff the rears a little?
  4. Jay

    Jay Admin

    I actually found that (for local road surfaces anyway) a softer set at the back would make things a fair bit more comfortable which translated to more confidence when pushing on. It's totally up to individual tastes unfortunately so the only way to see what suits you is to trial fit and test.

    What are the differences in spring rates between the mono's and superstreet's? Always found the streets quite a good all rounder.
  5. ZinCix

    ZinCix Fresh Recruit

    I'm new to coilovers and suspension settings so i don't know much about what spring rates actually mean. Found this on a topic, i believe they are
    tein (SS): 3 front and 2.5 rear
    tein (MF): 5 front 3 rear
    By what i understand superstreet aren't that soft compared to monoflex, there differences are on some bits like the msv and there design that make them more responsive.I know that the rear must be stiff enough to be as neutral as possible on turns. So if i stiffen the rears a little they will match with the front. I will get them to a shop for service and some fixes first before i put them on and i'll tell the mechanic to measure and adjust them.
  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    From my understanding the street sit below the mono in the Tein range. Mono use a large single piston and are intended for track use, the rates you posted would support this.

    The higher the spring rate the firmer the springs. This means hitting a bump with the street fitted you will feel. Hitting the same bump with the mono, you will really feel.

    I ran a set of BuddyClubs Racing spec coilovers at one point (which I'm almost certain are a similar design to the mono) and they were lethal as a road set up. Way too harsh to drive with any confidence. You could have read braille with them lol.

    Would be worth trying what you have in case it works perfectly, as I said the rear suspension choice plays a large part in actual vehicle comfort on the EP chassis. Could be perfectly rewarding if you get the mix right.
  7. ZinCix

    ZinCix Fresh Recruit

    Braille :D . Ok i understand what you're saying. I'll try them like this maybe they'll be a good mix
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