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    Most people know that its common sense to perform some form of vehicle check before they buy a car, but not many people know where to look, and what they can find out (these sites are geared up for the UK market). Here are a few sites that can help:


    National Insurance Crime Bureau VIN Check

    "NICB's VINCheck is a service provided to the public to assist in determining if a vehicle has been reported as stolen, but not recovered, or has been reported as a salvage vehicle by cooperating NICB members. To perform a search a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required. A maximum of 5 VINCheck searches can be conducted within a 24 hour period"

    This also incorporates a 'Vehicle Flood Check' to ensure that car has not been damaged by water.

    >> Click for Link <<


    DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online - Vehicle Enquiry

    "You can use this service to find out what information DVLA holds on its database about a vehicle.

    In order to make an enquiry you will need the Vehicle Registration Mark (number plate), and the Vehicle Make. This information can be found on the Registration Document/Certificate, also known as the Logbook"

    >> Click for Link <<

    The link to the 'Vehicle Enquiry' section can be found on the left hand side.


    VOSA - MOT Checking Service

    "This service enables you to

    1. Confirm that an MOT Certificate is a genuine record of that stored on the MOT Computerisation database
    2. Check the status of a vehicle that has undergone a recent MOT Test
    3. View the MOT Test history of a vehicle. (This only relates to MOT Tests conducted on a vehicle since the introduction of MOT Computerisation).
    4. View the MOT Inspection Manuals and Testing Guide used by the MOT Garages"

    >> Click for Link <<


    RAC Car Data Check - Cost Service

    "RAC Car Data Checks tell you if the car:

    * Is stolen
    * Is an insurance write-off
    * Has outstanding finance on it
    * Has had previous plates

    With each check you'll receive:

    * An instant on screen vehicle report. View a sample report
    * Vehicle valuation and mileage information provided where possible.
    * Guarantee giving you up to £5,000 of cover"

    The RAC service is powered by HPI, and currently costs half the price. As it's an online service, you don't get the fancy packs in the post, but you do get sent a .pdf copy of the report to print out.

    There are other services available that are cheaper, but in my opinion, this one is currently the best value for the service that it provides.

    >> Click for Link <<


    ASKMID - Insurance Checking Service

    A useful site to ensure that you're covered for your new car. Insurers do make mistakes, so it's always useful to check your covered.

    >> Click for Link <<


    Other, simple things need to be remembered, such as ensuring the the VIN number and Engine numbers match on the car, making sure the address on the VIN corresponds with the address of the owner, and making sure that the V5 (registration document) is a genuine copy.

    Once these checks have been performed, then it's time to check the car itself to make sure its in order.

    Click here for a Buyers Guide - >> Clicky <<
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    Guys/Gals - I'll let you have a play with the above and post some comments. After a while though, I'll get rid and leave this as a sticky for future reference. :)
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