WEPR is now facebook!!

Discussion in 'Wicked EP Racing' started by wickedep, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey lads (and ladies :))..

    we are on FB at long last...please join our page if you have the time..i will be updating as often as time permits me to. look forward to seeing all of ya'll there. cheers!!! :beer:

    wickedEP Racing
  2. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    hi Sacha,

    you are not showing up when I search on facebook. Paste the link to your page here so we can find you :)
  3. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    sorry man..i am real noob when it comes to all this social networking stuff (shameful i know..i'm old school lol)...i'll put the link up in a bit mate...also how can i link tggt.com to my page? can you do that?
  4. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    :) it will probably start showing up in searches soon, just takes a while.
    Not sure how the linking works mate, not very hot with facebook myself.
  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

  6. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    ohh thanks boss! :)
  7. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    welcome to pervbook..
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
  8. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hahah now i know what you've been up to on FB :p
  9. flyingorphan

    flyingorphan Paid Member

    Looking good on facebook mate :)
  10. Lizzy3

    Lizzy3 Fresh Recruit

    What is page name on Facebook?
    I am ready to plug in... :)

  11. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

  12. basxci222

    basxci222 Fresh Recruit

    Hello dude,i will recentally go to the abroad which is essentail for me because of some circumstances after when i came..i will join your page and get more knowledge about the toyota and told some serious issue on my toyota car..

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