What is my Starlet worth?

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    Hello fellow Startlet lovers!

    Can you all help me value my Starlet GT Turbo? I am looking to sell it soon and want to get an idea of how much it might be worth.

    I have had my Starlet for 14 years and now, sadly, I must part with it. The only reason is due to family life.
    The car is mechanically sound and has never let me down. I want to be completely open and honest with all positives and negatives of my Starlet so the next owner can love it as much as I do.

    The history:

    • Large stainless steel exhaust fitted. This was already fitted to the car when I purchased it.
    • Alloy wheels (in need of refurb or replacement).
    • Air con system has been completely removed.
    • Currently fitted with D2 coil overs but has hardly been driven since. I intend to refit the old suspension as I prefer the original setup. I can keep the coil overs fitted if the buyer would prefer (otherwise these will be sold separately).
    • It does suffer from a little bit of boost creep. Boost creep is caused by the turbo spinning too quickly, in this case because of the larger exhaust fitted.

    Boost creep is where turbo pressure builds up during flat out acceleration and eventually the CPU cuts fuel to the engine to prevent it reaching over pressure. This explains it better:

    I'd like to stress that this doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally under flat out acceleration when reaching the red-line (RPM).

    To remedy this, the turbo was removed and the waste gate outlet bored out slightly (Pictures available). It has helped a little but it's not perfect. The turbo gaskets were not replaced, as a consequence there is a very slow oil leak from the turbo.​


    • Drivers windows needs a new motor.
    • Paint work needs attention (see pictures).
    • Small dents on driver's side door (see pictures).
    • Small scratch on driver's side window (see pictures).
    • Wheels could do with a refurbishment (or replacement), they don't hold tire pressure for long (a few days to a couple of weeks).
    • Remote central locking key fob died many years ago.


    • Engine runs smoothly, never had any trouble with it.
    • Free of rust.
    • Recent cam belt and water pump change (2018).
    • Recent thermostat replacement (2018).
    • It has been serviced by myself over the years (oil and filter changes).
    • New battery.
    • Fresh MOT.
    • New turbo gaskets needed (as mentioned above).
    • Will supply with a new set of brake pads front and rear.
    • Other spares included: Bulbs, rotor arm (distributor).
    • Plenty of pics available

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