White smoke after gasket change

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Precision, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Precision

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    Hi folks. I've an 4efte glanza in work today came too me with a recent gasket change and he looking me too look at it for him it's putting water into the cylinders . And mixing oil with water . Any common probs before I get stuck In.
  2. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    throttle body pipes connect wrong
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  3. Precision

    Precision Fresh Recruit

    Cause water too mix with oil?
  4. gorganl2000

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  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    High potential - very easy mistake to make.

    Failing that a leak-down test should help with diagnosis of any underlying engine problem (head gasket is the next big question mark).
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  6. SKINY

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    What gasket was changed?? Based on the head gasket, all off the above :)
    If it's had the new gasket done and that's what's away you would want to be checking the head for warpage/cracking bud

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