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    If you have a Membership or PayPal subscription issue - Please post here

    Hi guys, i can't for the life of me find out how to stop recurring paid membership coming out of my account. Can someone advise please :)
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    best handling setup to suit wet/dry road conditions.

    I found 15's with 7.5 width a spot on choice for me. Never had a problem with Yoko Parada spec 2's on them as well but never tried Toyo R1R's as mentioned above
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    ~ For sale - 1995 GT Advance purple ~

    Don't mate I'm already regretting it :(
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    ~ For sale - 1995 GT Advance purple ~

    Car now SOLD! Sad times, but I'm very happy to see it go to a long standing member of this site who will carry on the project from where it was left.
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    TOMS Forged TD04 Quadlight EP82 GT Turbo - £1700

    Basically in the same boat as me mate. Best of luck with the sale dude :)
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    ~ For sale - 1995 GT Advance purple ~

    For sale: 1995 Toyota Starlet GT Advance Item Condition: Good - NB Engine rebuild will be needed at some point please see details below. Price and price conditions: £1,250 Extra Info: The car has been my pride and joy project since I collected her in 2007. Check out my members garage...
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    Tongs Hybrid CT9 Turbo - To rebuild or for spares

    For sale: Rebuilt Tongs Hybrid CT9 turbo Item Condition: This turbo was rebuilt by TM Developments back in 2010 when I had my engine rebuilt by them. I paid £450 for this turbo to be rebuilt. The turbo was rebuilt but never put together because the shaftwheel was not right fitment :/ I ordered...
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    Wanted*** ep82 rolling shell or ep82 running car

    Yes unfortunately mate :(
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    Wanted*** ep82 rolling shell or ep82 running car

    I have a GT for sale. In Essex.. havnt got round to putting the for sale ad up yet. Engine will need a bit of a rebuild. PM me for more info :)
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    Someone In/near Essex to fit my Evo Recaro's

    Sell your seats, buy mine (Evo 8's) complete with rails to fit EP82 ;) just bolt in (only selling all together)
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    Replacing rear decals on a Quadlamp

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    Hello greetings from Germany

    Welcome aboard dude!