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  • All right Chris. was seening if you still done the ccm short shift for ep82?
    And if you knew any one that would be interested in the nos kit I have for sale in the parts section cheers
    Yes i mean the Trigger/Home wires where they go. It sounds fantastic you send me an start-up map. Thanks Chris i really appreciate it.
    Hi Chriss. I was reading in a article that you have or had setup a haltech on an EP82. Im also doing so. I have everything in place and also builded the base map based on factory settings. There is only 1 information im missing. i cant figure out the distributor wiring. Any advice would be really apreciated. Im from Soutn america down the Caribbean Islands. We barely have some who has the knowledge of haltechs here on the island. Thats why im asking for some help.

    Thanks in advance
    hi buddy, a friend has just purchased a ccm quickshift for his ep91 but the shifter is made for the ep82. what modifications will he need to make so it works in his ep91?

    WEL chris i pm`d u there last week wounderin did ya get it? if so let me no wat u think would be up with it??
    well i was pointed in this direction i was wondering could u map my toyota glanza it has a td04 turbo front mount intercooler relocated induction kit and a hks dump valve what bhp do u think i would get ? ?
    hey pal, heard your the lad to see in regardz to forging my engine,,and mappin my e-manage,, ifya could ring me on 0851490404 or send me ure number so i could get in contact it would be much appreciated :) (corey) actually savin fundz in the hope that you read this!!! lol!
    hello, Chris. I'd like to purchase one of your short-shifter assemblies for the EP82 Starlet. You mentioned in the related thread that the buyer's old shifter assembly is required to be sent to you in exchange. May I accomplish this after I receive your unit? Thanks for your time, sir.
    well bai hows things hows the wee glanza working out for u ? really miss that wee motor :(
    hey Chris don't no if you got my message about your engine for sale.really enterested just wonderin you still have and take my old 1 out and fit yours.let me no if that possible if so iwould be 100percent in doing that.thanks.AJ
    Hey chris just wondering how much it would cost for u 2 fit and map my emanage 2 my glanza. I have da universal harness! Spec is sps mani sps decat relocated filter kit and will have hks actuator when i head up! Still on standard exhaust and intercooler so jus wondering what boost presure wud b safe 2 map it 4?
    hey mate... can you fit a FPR to a EP91 and set it up? if you can give give me any help please give me a ring or a text on 07833085701 asap, thanks
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