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  • Dave, is the white glanza still for sale on your site??

    aaron@infinite-it.co.uk can you email me please
    can you do me a price for standard cap delivered, i hope it fits as got one from toyota the other day and it was to small even though i ordered using my chasis number
    Dave looking for a couple of bits for the glanza,oil filter and magnetic sump bung and also a set of plugs,would heat range 7 be the ones im after?if you can pm me a total price del. to ireland.

    thanks adam
    Hey Dave, I know this is not the normal request for jap parts, Would you have any idea where i could sorce a full exhaust system for a 92 lancia delta evo2 16v? surely someone makes these, would you be able to point me in the right direction?
    hi there looking for some forged rods and pistons for a 5e build not wiseco 75mm pistons if you can if you can get back to me thanks
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