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    LSD id via trans/axle num?

    Jay, thanks a million.
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    LSD id via trans/axle num?

    Sorry guys, I know there was a post concerning this, but I cant find it :( I remember reading something about using the trans/axle number on the metal plate in engine bay to identify if your EP82 has a lsd or not? Any help?
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    EP82 brake upgrades...

    Have a look at the EBC website I started off by just fitting the EBC Yellowstuff pads to my standard calipers and rotor's and adding a good brake fluid. Already made a huge difference.
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    DIY Roll Cage help needed

    Hi Guys No, I have not bought another A buddy of mine is turning his EP82 into a track car. Now I remember reading up somewhere about standard moutings in the EP82 and how to make a roll cage using straight pipes basically, as a type of roll cage and to stiffen the body for...
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    Thanks Jay, she will be missed. Amazing little cars, cant help but love em.
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    So, with sadness in my heart I had to let the little beast go. Me and the Missus have moved out of town, to get to our new home ( we have to drive 200+km of gravel road, something I can not do to the poor GT. The new owner, a very good friend of mine has...
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    Running Yoko S-Drive's on the GT, great tyre, new set lying in the garage...Yoko's again. Even run Yoko's on my 4x4's, love em.
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    Another smoke question...

    Hi Guy's. So, have not really had much time to give the GT some attention recently. But did put in a new pcv valve, old one was quite finished, but unfortunately did not solve the problem. Had it checked quick by a mechanic guy (who races a beautifull supra) and he say's he 100% sure it the...
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    Another smoke question...

    also first thought it was condensation, but even after a drive over a long stretch of lets say 100km, I stop, let it idle and after a few minutes the smoke starts, rev it a few times and the smoke is gone, idle a few min and starts again... engine has about 140 000km on, I service regularly...
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    Another smoke question...

    Hey guy's, haven't been online in a long time. The gt been sprayed and was a the mech for quite a while etc, had it back for a few months now but been runnin around and don't get a chance to drive it much. Anyway, the smoke question: On idle, firstly it idles clean and normal, but then...
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    Starlet gt's Manual (pdf format)

    Ok, seems best thing is to add name to list. Please send to me as well, rep will def be added, thanks mate :rockon:
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    Starlet gt's Manual (pdf format)

    say's download not available, did I miss something?
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    Filter relocation query

    Busy relocating mine to the front bumper using a K&N Apollo induction kit. Will let you know how it went when done. Otherwise just gonna put some plumbing to the front.
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    Front Side Exit Exhaust

    Just wondering if there are any advantages (Faster spool up?) or disadvantages (Noisy?) concerning front side exit exhaust, see quite a lot of members have them. Sorry if this is already covered somewhere else? thanks
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    Turbo issues any ideas?

    Quote "theres no oil but the actuator has alot of movement in it.. its a front mount and where the dump valve connects to the efi pipe the bracket has broken so getting a new efi pipe to stop that leaking.. and gonna check the intercooler now..but im pretty sure the actuator is buggered and...