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So, with sadness in my heart I had to let the little beast go. Me and the Missus have moved out of town, to get to our new home ( we have to drive 200+km of gravel road, something I can not do to the poor GT.

The new owner, a very good friend of mine has promised to take good care of it and keep modding :rockon:

I will point him in this direction. ;)

I will however still be on the forum, even though I have been very quiet, but my modding will continue, just more on the Off-Road side, with my Pajero

and our new Mitsu Triton. :)

Thanks guys, for all the help and info over the years. Much appreciated.
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Least she went to a good home buddy, plus you can keep an eye on her too. Don't think she'd cope with the terrain those wagons are on though!