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  • Its the headlight Lefthand (Projector type - twin round) mine was damaged when I bought the car. I have tried to get it from the guys her but no go, I can also get s/h from the states but $75 plus $185 for shipping which makes it a bit expensive now. Hot as hell here too. What Starlet do you have. Mine is a EP82 Gt MK1. I have only had it two weeks of which I have only driven for 2 days before the upgrade has started. I am going to see what I can push the boost to on the std ECU. Everyone reckons 0.9 Bar, so I will try to get as much as I can before the fuel cut kicks in. I am going to get a Microtech LTX8, I believe in them, had one on a rotary engine (series 4) which I had in a Datsun 1200GX coupe. I got 205KW and 468NM torque at 1.1 Bar boost, it was a damn fast street car, nice toy, but now I am going the piston route and I love the idea that the cc's is also 1300.Going to see how much I can eventually push from this capacity, want to hurt the bigger boys.
    Hey there, how is Namibia. Do you know where I can get hold of a left hand projector headlamp for my GT? If I could get it local that would also be great. I have checked today and my exh manifold is almost ready, looks good and they have ported the stud restrictions out, just need to mark and drill the new holes on the flange for the new turbo exh housing.
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