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    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    That is really shocking news,my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and many friends.. Bought some bits off him few years ago very good to deal with. Very sadly missed
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    Organ Donation

    Firstly I have the utmost respect for anyone who puts their name down on a donor card,doing such a simple thing can mean a whole new life to someone who is in desperate need and has no other means off recovery,I have personal experience off this.. After all anyone who is on a transplant list...
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    f****n mingin

    From some off the reactions this sounds just SO WRONG!! :haha::haha:
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    f****n mingin

    Haven't heard about this before what is it? I'm too afraid to search for it!!
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    What Honda were replacing NSX with

    Right,here is one really big rreason why the recession stinks... This is what Honda were planning on replacing the legendary NSX with,they call it the HSV-10.Just look at it,although admittedly this is the racecar version off it but still...
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    New Tests for NCT

    Just wondering if any off the Irish people on here know when the new tests concerning the noise level off the exhaust for the NCT are going to be enforced? What level will the exhaust be allowed to be before it fails? This thread moght be in the wrong section,if it is mods feel free to...
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    Sore loser gets what he deserves.

    That lad in the DC5 was a complete twat!! Not surprised to see that the EK9 driver got case off red mist after being punted off the first time,least he caught him up again and gave him taste off his own medicine :haha: That EK9 could fairly handle though,not too shabby..
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    Integra turbo?

    To be honest never raced the 2 cars,but having sat in the Integra would have wiped my car specially at the top end. He ended up selling the Integra cause it was just too much hastle even after sinking absolute fortune into it..
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    Integra turbo?

    Friend off mine turboed his DC2 integra after supercharging it first. Was fairly lively,dont think the Vtec stayed on it though
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    insurance quote

    Think he does list them as Bell Insurance
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    Grönholm does Pikes Peak 800bhp Fiesta!

    This is another great video showing Rhys Millen doing Pikes Peak Some real nice shots here..
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    Hakosuka GTR in Auction

    Good old Gan San,must be heading for 70 plus now and could still drive rings round most people!!
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    Quickest car you've drove been in

    Man you are one lucky git!!:) Would love to see F1 never mind get spin in one..Was it one off the 5 limited edition orange ones?The F1 LM..
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    Love to be passenger in this!!

    Say you will find them on Youtube,I'd say the one in this video isn't supersonic boom think the plane is flying just below where it passes through the sound barrier.. Still sounds the business though!!
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    Love to be passenger in this!!

    Could you imagine having spin in something like this,would take ages for your face to return to normal from the G's...:rockon: