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    Engine out found the total amount of destruction

    nice holes i remember when i blew my engine i had 1.6 bar on the boost controller and doing 110 mph and i didnt make holes that big at least its getting sorted
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    Drift trikes

    i want one so bad is it hard to make?
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    TGTT Stickers UPDATE

    can you buy anything else cause when i click on anything it just comes up the stickers
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    Recomend a car importer - i want a kei car lol pics inside!

    i've got me a subaru vivio as my daily love it got an exhaust and stuck an old rev clock in it mine is only the 2wd my cousin had a 4wd one im mad looking for thr rx-r version there supercharged 63hp over the massive 35hp i have oh ya there savage on juice i get like 40 mpg driving the hole off...
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    Strange Noise on Lift off

    you might of broke the dump valve my brother done that on his subaru a few years ago only running a bar of boost swap one over and see hopefully thats all it is
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    it sounds to me like the bearings in the diff might be a bit worn is there any strange sounds? if no its probaly fine
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    What group buys do you want to see?

    quaife diff and race spec rocker cover would be savage need both
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    fog light lense removal

    surely somebody has split these before mine just seem to be stuck and when i try to pry it open its cracking the lip around the fog light
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    fog light lense removal

    right i got a new bumper for the car and wanted to put my fogs in but one has started leaking how do i remove the lense to clean it out and reseal it any help much appreciated
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    Dual breather cam cover

    do u have any more of these i badly need one i would also need the fittings on it i can get the hose made up myself if you have one can you pm me a price shipped to ireland thanks
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    nct question

    i want to know if you strip the interior out like take the back seats out can you nct the car or do ya need the full interior?
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    What kind of power? Evo7 TD05 16g

    i've been using a td04L evo 2 or 3 not sure but has ran 1.5 bar all day long done trackdays it was starting to leak on the thrust bearing but still pulled strong up untill i took it off didn't want it blowing up on me i was told first day go with an evo turbo rather then a subaru td04 because...
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    painted my wheels what do u think

    looks well goes nice with the calipers
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    toyo proxie t1r tires

    i have them on the front of my car at the moment there good in the dry not so good in the wet im not sure about life of them as its the first time im using them but heard they last for a good while