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    Headlight Wiring

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram just for the headlights on an EP82 or EP91? Much Appreciated.
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    Custom Wiring Harnesses

    Good Evening Guys, Just a quick post to gauge interest in custom looms. I work for a company called Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd. (ATL), we manufacture racing fuel cells for nearly all race serious around the world. I have been thinking about bring my skill set from work home with me and...
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    Celica GT4 Gearbox

    I have managed to aquire a gt4 gearbox well the whole car to be specific, how easy would it be to convert a Glanza to 4wd and any idea of cost etc? Not sure if it's worth the hassle or if I should just sell the box Thanks Jaffa
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    Gaz ep85 blue shell where's it gone?

    Any info?
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    Starlet shell 85

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    Starlet shell 85

    Interested in an 85 shell would like gaz from PP old blue shell however can't find it anywhere, any ideas where it has gone?
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    Headlight issue

    Morning all, My old wiring loom was damaged in my Glanza v, so I sourced one online and ordered it, I fitted the loom - engine fires and runs sweet, however the dipped beams won't work, I got the light and wiper stocks with the loom, sidelights work fine, full beam is okay, indicators and...
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    Make sure you have a good earth from the engine to the car I had the same problem after poly bush engine mounts were fitted
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    Headlight and Wiper Stocks

    Looking for a wiring diagram for these? Or a pin out for the stocks?
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    Considering breaking the Glanza

    Yeah it's mostly Rory's car I've just added fender bars and an H brace so your right should handle pretty decent lol
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    Considering breaking the Glanza

    What's peoples opinions I'm considering buying an ek9 Keep starlet or move to ek9 lol
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    Your not real starlet owner until

    Your not a real starlet owner until you've rebuilt an engine haha!
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    Car Problems Help?

    Around. 1500 Rpm on choke 800-900ish off choke
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    Car Problems Help?

    i recently started up my glanza after about 2 years of it not being run, as i have been changing a lot of parts on it, however no changes to my engine i put new filters and oils of course but stupidly i didnt drain the fuel, when it started it runs fine untill the choke goes off it then goes...
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    1.5 Engine 1.3 Engine, Calipers And More

    1.5 engine sold, will take 150 for 1.3