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    Electrical knowledge needed

    Use the alternator light circuit to activate the ps pump relay. The wire from the alt to the battery warning light is neg when the engine is not running and live when the engine is running.
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    WTD: UK spec EP91 front mud guards.

    As title please.
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    WTD: Starlet SR TTE exhaust, set of decals, parcel shelf speaker and stock SR springs

    As title. Putting my SR back to factory after the previous owner customising it :( and need the titled parts to put it right.
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    WTD: Starlet SR prefer white or black

    As title if you have a clean starlet SR for sale send me a message please.
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    Oil sqirters

    4e/5e have oil squirters built into the rods. Standard have a small drilling in the big end pointing up and forged have groves both sides in the big end.
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    lsd forged parts ebc zisco td04 kit hybrid td05 much more

    Will you split the rods and pistons?
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    5efe Pistons in 4efte

    Putting 5e pistons in will just make it a 4EFE with boost. You could skim the oem 5e pistons down so they were flat top. That would give you more chance of running 1-1.2bar.
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    White glanza for sale with mods.

    I've pulled the fuel pump to see what make it is and it's a Walbro 255. Picture ^^^
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    White glanza for sale with mods.

    Bump. Pictures updated and alpine cd/radio fitted. Please no more questions about the number plate, it is not included in the price and is in the process of having its original plate transferred back.