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    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    Kev, long time no see. We both havent been in a while. No starlet or crx now. Although i do take the diesel bus every now and again. Hopefully back out next year in the hills and sprints. I have noticed on FB the amount of sh#t spoken about the wee Starlets. Murray
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    12.3 run in the final bishopscourt

    I guess low power/boost?
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    12.3 run in the final bishopscourt

    What power was the car running? What was the trap speed?
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    best insurance company to declare all mods on. (looking for my mum)

    Im sorry, but signing your high spec Glanza to your mum? I guess you will be a named driver?
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    Any Bikers on the Forum? - First Bike Advice

    I hadn't been on a bike in years and jumped on without too much drama:haha: I couldn't give a honest answer for the road though, just don't go giving it a handful of throttle mid corner.
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    Any Bikers on the Forum? - First Bike Advice

    I have ridden a Husaberg 650, serious torque machine. This was in a field with dirt tyres on mind you. Not the road It was pretty docile at the same time, you don't need to ring its neck for it to pick up speed.
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    wanted: gt steering column

    Out of interest, why does it have to be 90 degrees out? can you not just turn the rack to suit?
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    350+glanza vs 300+ gt irish drag

    What am I actually looking at? some head lights in the dark?
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    Hi folks long time no speak all the old timers still hear ?

    We never did get that race Mark haha! Mind you the CRX has been sold off in parts aswell. Say high to yer Auld man for me. No seen him since June when we went for a leisurely drive to Applecross.......... Murray
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    Engine - End Caps query

    Do you mean the caps that hold the crank seals?
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    Engine - End Caps query

    No one is saying other wise. Line boring is easy but im unsure about cheap. If you have to get it done you will change the centre line of the crank in the block. Might be minimal or it might be bad, it all depends on how far off the caps are to the block.
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    i have ruined my steering going manual

    Aye what about the inner track rods? They are under the rubber boots on the rack? Flat tyre on that side? Sticky caliper?
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    i have ruined my steering going manual

    Manual racks are longer lock to lock compared with their PS counterparts? Is the rack itself slack? Aye the rack and pinion? Inner tie rods ok? Lower wishbones tight? What alignment?
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    i have ruined my steering going manual

    Did you strip your PS rack or fit a manual rack? To me it sounds like alignment.
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    A diffuser will work when designed right. The "off the shelf" ones you can buy are pretty useless. Splitter with a flat floor feeding a diffuser will help.