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    Breaking GT Turbo

    interested in rear drivers side wheel arch if you have one buddy :-)
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    Starlets in London

    Yeah this is a shame - what happened to all you enthusiastic drivers? So if this isn't going to happen I am going to Sunday Service (Pistonheads monthly meet) in Luton. The list is full HOWEVER last time they were just piling everyone into the car park without consulting the list, and seeing...
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    London get together?

    Hi guys, Posted a thread which had a lot more interest in this section, so a quick reminder that we are in the meets/events section for the south east and the list is up to get involved on Sunday 22nd July for some photo's at Wembley stadium followed by a blast out through the M4 corridoor...
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    Starlets in London

    Should probably meet there at 8am, photos at Wembley 8.30am, then perhaps 1-2 hours driving country lanes to pub which should have us there by 11am, then quick blast back to the Ace for 1-2pm and onwards home for a Sunday afternoon on the couch... This agenda isnt set in stone but past 9am...
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    Starlets in London

    I am happy to say lets meet at Ace cafe early doors, perfect place for a meet, greet and cup of coffee. Happy to lead us down to Wembley where we may be able to get some really cool pics of us and the cars in front of the stadium. We can then make our way out of London via M4 and into the...
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    Starlets in London

    Hi Russy, I nice thought but with John Lewis sales etc I still think the traffic would prevent us from getting some real good driving going on. In my experience, the country roads give us better value for the petrol ;-)
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    Starlets in London

    Great guys consider this on - 22nd July, depending on where people are travelling from or on their preference we can either: start from South Mimms, do a coffee and do the Hertfordshire run which is very picturesque or we can meet at the Ace Cafe first thing for a bacon roll, do a bit of...
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    Starlets in London

    Ok great guys, well I never hang around in a car park for long so consider this a done deal. I am looking in the diary and will come up with a date, I am thinking it has to be July though, perhaps the 22nd, which is a Sunday morning? Happy to put a run together either somewhere in...
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    Starlets in London

    Hi folks, I've been a starlet owner for 8 years now (currently on second one) and am still loving it. Once in a while I drive past another starlet in London and there is always the wave however I've never actually been on a proper Starlet exclusive cruise. Anyone fancy it? Could perhaps...
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    Autosport International Footage

    Hi Gang, Just got this video edited down and online. Makes a nice change from all the standard pics of the same cars flying around. Feel free to share, of course. Enjoy!
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    A Bit of on board coming back from Stelvio Pass

    Still going through a load of video I generated from my last reccy visit to the Stelvio putting together new tour itineries for next year, and just uploaded this little nugget to youtube, sounds aint great, but gives a lovely feel for the weather, scenery and fun to be had on the Alpine Tour...
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    Fifth Gear Presenter competition winner's new video

    Hi Guys, I had to share this, not only because he is my mate but also because it is genuinely very good. Nikki is a mate of mine that was a presenter on those random 'tv babes txt in now' and gambling programmes and also won the position of Fifth Gear Presenter through a competition they...
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    Anyone driven down to South West France?

    We are looking at 4 nights, maybe 5 nights in total for this trip. Ideally we could have a week to chill however people are hesitant to take too much time off work and we can just about cram everything into 4-5 days. Can anyone recommend any hotels along the French coastline there?
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    Head to mani gasket blown, second time! WHY????

    A very unusual problem so I would think outside the box and I cant think of any other reason this may be happening other than the warped mani idea. Get it skimmed, shouldnt cost too much.
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    Anyone driven down to South West France?

    Hi Guys, I am planning a brand new trip at the moment and wanted to open up to the forum any ideas you guys may have. Going to the Nurburgring too much and so developing a new trip in conjunction with to run for their community, and if it works it will become a permanent...